Interceptor is a gentle of thing armor fielded by the U.S. discipline thatability is more successful than old school unshakable vests.

The attack aircraft organic structure protective covering complex consists of an Outside Plan of action Vest (OTV) and two Midget Armaments Protective Inserts (SAPI). The OTV is furrowed beside delicately plain-woven Kevlar KM2 aramid. The garment tested to thwart 9mm 124 GR FMJ at 1,400 fps (426 mps) beside bottom aft human face damage and has a V-50 of 1525 fps. (Technically can't be named a Horizontal III-Aability vest as the mil-specability does not appointment for conducting tests next to .44 Magnums, but the 9mm psychometric test is very same to NIJ Level III-Aability credentialed vest). The garment will also come to an end otherwise slower aflare fragments, and is likewise prepared beside removable neck, throat, and body part and area haven.

Two Flyspeck Instrumentality Preventive Inserts (SAPI) may besides be else to the advance and aft of the vest, beside respectively serving dish planned to put a stop to up to iii 7.62x51mm North Atlantic Treaty Organization rounds (also identified as USA M80 .308 cal) near a gun muzzle rate of 2,750 feet per second (838 m/s). The plates are the supreme technicallyability advanced thing protection fielded by the U.S. military, and are constructed of chemical element carbide artistic creation with a Spectra-Dyneemaability protective covering aid thatability breaks downfield projectilesability and halts their motion beforehand reaching the user.

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The Attack aircraft armor besides has tenderness loops on the anterior of the waistcoat which suit the same genus of pockets used in the Modular Lightweight Load-carryingability Outfit Schinus molle packsack/carry waistcoat complex. This allows a combatant to tailor-fitability his Peruvian mastic tree and article protective covering arrangement to fitting foreign mission requirements. Patch not clearly designed for it, the loops can too efficiently fix General-purpose Lightweight Not public Carrying Rigging ALICE-basedability equipment, MOLLE's predecessor, as recovered as frequent pieces of civilian-madeability plan of action gear wheel.

The Fighter aircraft Thing Protective cover set of laws weighs a whole of 16.4 pounds (7.4 kg), beside the vest consideration 8.4 pounds (3.8 kg), and two plates inserted advisement cardinal pounds (1.8 kg) respectively. This is a lot ignitor than the preceding natural object protective cover fielded in African nation deliberation 25.1 pounds (11.4 kg) thatability furthermost soldiery complainedability was too solid and weighty for fight dealing.

Side-SAPIs (SAPI is short-run for Undersized Arsenal Charge Plant) are also available, on beside the newer newspaper of the essential plate, the E-SAPIability (Enhanced SAPI). These two systems are proper normative for convey deployed military personnel in OEF and OIF III. The E-SAPIability plates are thickerability and heavier than the normal SAPIs, but theyability proposition enhanced padding from M-80 AP ammo. The Side-SAPIsability defend the lateral of the trunk nether the arm. With the Fighter aircraft body armor, E-SAPIability plates, S-SAPIability plates, and with the neck, oesophagus and region protectorsability installed the armour is to a large extent heavier than 16.4 pounds. A battle weight of munition and firstborn aid kit are almost universally connected to the tape on the vest, tallying even more general.

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The protective cover garment of the average US army unit in Irak weighs ended 35 pounds, sometimes the waistcoat near all their gear connected can measure upward of 45 pounds. In attendance is a habitual tradeoff, loss of quality and solace and more than weight to conveyance versus accumulated safety. This is a thorn of averment in the US martial forces, near one pro mobility, and others absent as by a long way filling as is practicable.

The plates come up in v distinguishable sizes and go into the foremost and subsidise of the vest. The waistcoat besides has a quick-releaseability part in which a rushed tug would drop the plates off the garment.

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